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Talking Turkey About Race

  • Phil & Christine interviewed Pastor Dave Hall about Racism, Black Lives,
  • and donating turkeys for Thanksgiving: checks payable to St Stephen's Church. 'Turkeys' in memo line.
To Watch the archived stream:

On Racism and Black Lives: Loving the Lord our God and Loving our Neighbor as Ourselves

St Stephen’s Church seeks and serves Christ in all persons. We are committed in our baptism to loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves. With God’s help, we strive for justice and peace among all people, and we respect the dignity of every human being; therefore, we oppose racism of every kind, and we’re focused on Black lives now. To learn more, we invite you to see the following sermons, in pdf manuscript and video formats, by clicking below:

The Rev’d Phillip C Ellsworth, Jr, Rector
A sermon preached 7th June 2020
link to manuscript]
link to video]

The Rev’d Christine Tully Trainor, Associate Rector
A sermon preached 31st May 2020
link to manuscript]
link to video] | Scroll to sermon at 20:00

During CovidTide, St Stephen’s Church is still called as members of the Body of Christ to witness to the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord, loving God and our neighbor. Our core commitment never changes; how we live into it does. St Stephen’s will continually adapt our worship and community life to express this mission for the world under current conditions and in keeping with the best available public health guidelines.

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Regathering for In-Person Indoor Worship Starting Advent One, 29th (Plan dependent on Marin County remaining in at least Tier 2 status)
Please note: The Bishop's new Directive updated on 11.19.20 does not allow congregational singing.

To help keep everyone safe, and to abide by the latest directive from Bishop Marc, as of March 16th, the church and parish house are closed for in-person regular 10:00 am worship and cultural events through a date to be announced in October. Please note that St Stephen's now holds an 8:00 am Sunday outdoor service.

The health of the community is our highest priority. We encourage people to stay connected with St Stephen’s and one another through livestreaming services, the early outdoor service for 24 people, and virtual meetings.

We invite you to join us online for a live broadcast of our 10:00 am Service of Holy Eucharist:
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To keep everyone safe, St Stephen's is closed and our office staff are all currently working remotely.
If you need to get in touch with the office, to receive the quickest response, please email the staff directly. You can always call and leave a voice message, but your call may be not returned as efficiently. Elizabeth checks the Office voicemail from home. If you have an emergency, please call or text the Pastoral Care number on the back of the Sunday leaflet.


PASTORAL CARE AND STAYING CONNECTED WITH ST STEPHEN'S | Prior letters and link to Together Again


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    • Here is the video for children this week - 29th November 2020
    • Advent One: The Prophets:
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    Please feel free to contact directly the Rev'd Christine Trainor if you have any questions.

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      Advent Sunday Livestream Book Studies from St Peter's, Dartmouth, 10:00 am ET
      All Advent Sundays, 7:00 am PST | Livestream link
      Studies using The Rev'd Christine Trainor's book, W
      hat Are You Waiting For
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      St Stephen's Online Slow Religion, Sundays, 9:00 am | Led by Joe Jennings and the Rev'd Zoila Schoenbrun
      Slow Religion Foundations of Faith:
      Slow Religion Foundations of Faith: Incarnation -- God made flesh in Jesus Christ a - Zoom Link
      Sunday, November 29, 9 AM
      Meeting ID: 814 8729 4126
      Passcode: 019184

      Mark: 8:29 “He asked them, “But who do 
      you say that I am?””
      One of the core questions about Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ is who was or is he? Whatever the answer was before the resurrection, and we will never know, the answer among his followers after the resurrection was a combination and redefinition of the Messiah, the Son of God, and upon several decades of reflection and experience, God incarnate. Our next series on The Foundations of Faith addresses the theology of Incarnation.
      Our first class will focus on Incarnation in the Epistles and the Creeds of the Church. Please read the attached outline for the Incarnation class #3. The Foundations of Faith #3 Incarnation backgrounder is also attached as a reference.
      The class is led by Joe Jennings and the Rev. Zoila Schoenbrun.
      Please read the Book of Common Prayer, Holy Baptism and Baptismal Covenant pp. 302-306 and the attachments on Incarnation and Theosis.
      PDF for Incarnation -- God made flesh in Jesus Christ 
      PDF for BCP
      PDF for Theosis
      The Incarnation class is led by Joe Jennings and the Rev'd Zoila Schoenbrun.

      1. November 1: Alternative Theories to Explain the Resurrection
      2. November 8: Introduction to Incarnation
      3. November 22: Incarnation: The Epistles and the early Baptismal Creeds (50-110 CE)
      4. November 29: Revised: Now, Incarnation class
      5. December 6: Incarnation: Synoptic Gospels (70-90 CE)
      6. December 13: Incarnation: Gospel of St. John (90-110 CE)
      7. December 20: Incarnation: Evolution in the Creeds (40-450 CE)
      8. January 3: Incarnation: Augustine and later theologians (400 CE +)
      9. January 10: Incarnation: 21st Century Incarnational Theology (Richard Rohr, the Rev. Vincent Pizzuto)

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      Prior PDFs for previous Slow Religion classes:
      Sunday Forums, Led by Karl Belgum
      • We discussed on 15th November the classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  A weird philosophical novel written by an eccentric and erudite man who was obsessed with understanding "reality" - how our minds perceive the world, and what is the  world anyway? This book serves as the bookend to our last several sessions which all, in one way or another, explored the psychology of religion.  William James last spring, of course, then the parables, then William Blake.  And now "philosophy."  
      • The question I really want to hear your opinion on is this: Is Christianity something you feel or something you think? Let's figure it out.

      St Stephen's Online Film Society, Led by Donald Sung | Wednesdays, 4:00 pm
        Sunday, 29th November 2020 Virtual Coffee Hour, 11:00a | Zoom Link
        Meeting ID: 876 6421 9006
        Passcode: 485962

        • Hosted by Christine Brent and Donald Sung, and Father Schaper when in town

        St Stephen's Saturday Men's Breakfast with Father Schaper, 8:00 am

        Children and Youth News and Survey for all Families with Children

        • St Stephen’s Kids | Godly Play Stories at Home | Normally during the school year we teach Godly Play classes to students, but since we are separated by County Health and Bishop Marc’s directives, we will be sending you videos you can watch on demand. We understand that many children are dealing with more screen time than usual, but we’re not willing to cede that space entirely to schools. It is important to find spiritual help for your children from your church.

        • Each week in Tidings we will send a link to a Stories of God at Home / Godly Play story in video format.
        • Here is link for the introduction for parents:

        • It is recommended that you watch each Godly Play story as a family, at a set time convenient each week if possible. You are raising a child in the knowledge and love of the Lord, to love God and neighbor. That is a huge responsibility. And it is at the same time a great privilege, a gift.
        • Please feel free to contact directly Christine Trainor if you have any questions or need any advice on how to share your faith lovingly with children.

        BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS VIDEO Prerecorded |26th September

        TREASURE MEMORIAL | 18 September 2020, 11:00 am

        The Rector's Bible Study:
        • New Bible Study Coming Soon

        The Associate Rector's Series: