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A trained and experienced care-giver is caring and personal with our youngest. children up through age 3, who are not ready for a "circle time" are welcome to remain in the Nursery until they can focus on the stories and activities of Sunday School.

Pre-Kindergarteners through First Grade

…begin learning with David C. Cook's Bible-in-Life Curriculum, which provides PreK-First Grade children with a Sunday school experience that opens their hearts and minds to God's Word and the love of Jesus as they begin to form a foundation of faith. Children learn Bible stories through interactive storytelling, sing along to custom music that reinforces Bible themes, create craft projects with increased independence, and and apply the story theme to their own lives..

This will be partnered with Bible stories using
"Godly Play," a Montessori-inspired curriculum developed by an Episcopal priest which uses hand-crafted "props" for illustration, and "wondering questions" which facilitate creative and individualized interaction with each story. At its theological roots is the idea that children want to know God rather than about God. This method gives them the religious language to express what they come to us already knowing about God.

Second and Third Grade
David C. Cook's Bible-in-Life for second and third graders presents a Sunday school experience that matches their growing independence and responsibility, along with their capacity to grasp the love of God within His Word, the Bible. Lessons are equipped to develop their increasing vocabulary and memorization ability, writing, and drawing skills, and application of the truths within God's Word. The emphasis moves from learning Bible stories to actual Bible study.

Fourth and Fifth Grade
David C. Cook's Bible-in-Life provides children in fourth and fifth grades with a Sunday school experience that deepens their Bible study skills and Scripture knowledge. Expanding on students' foundation of faith, while offering real-life application, Bible-in-Life supports their perspective of the world and how they fit in.

St Stephen's Church Sunday School
9:45 am - 10:30 am
Ongoing through to Pentecost

Children and youth gather in the downstairs classrooms for
45 minutes of Sunday School then join their parents in Church for communion. Sunday School occurs from 9:45am to the Passing of the Peace of the 10am service.

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During the school year we offer classes for Nursery age through
Fifth Grade students.
Middle and High School students attend church.

Nurturing children spiritually, with excellence and fun, characterizes
St Stephen's.
The Nursery provides loving attention to infants and toddlers up to age three;
Sunday School teaches children about our shared Episcopal faith, including the Bible, sacraments, events, and ceremonies of the church year. From time to time, all classes offer art activities, or special events or guests.